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Landscape Laboratories

A Landscape Laboratory is a specific region spanning about 3 x 3 km, in which FInAL’s long-term oriented exemplary and demonstrative project is established and accompanied by interdisciplinary monitoring and praxis orientated research. The idea behind a Landscape Laboratory is to realize a goal-oriented, multicriterial, fundamental long-term change in the agricultural production practices within a whole landscape.

An alternative system of production in the sense of the overall objective is established. This system should be unaffected by neighboring cultivation systems. Both the Landscape Laboratory and a reference landscape within the neighboring cultivation system are comparatively observed throughout a transformation phase(s) towards a more insect friendly system within the Landscape Laboratory. During the process four areas of sustainability, i.e. environment/biodiversity, economy, society, and politics, are equivalently portrayed with data and indicators. With this, a comparison between status-quo and innovation can be achieved. As a model and demonstrative project, possibilities and limitations of feasibility are shown. Landscape Laboratories bridge the gap between scientific research and agricultural praxis on scales relevant for the projects goal.

The three study regions for Landscape Laboratories in FInAL are

  • Havelländisches Luch (Brandenburg)
  • Elm (Lower Saxony)
  • Rottal (Bavaria)

Contact persons for Landscape Labs of FInAL are the landscape coordinators

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